Monday, October 22, 2007

Kosovo: Behold the New World Order

Behold the New World Order. Like most wars, the Kosovo war is about money

BIG MONEY. It has NOTHING to do with ethnic cleansing, genocide, or atrocities. It's all about money. FOLLOW THE MONEY. The NATO powers are making a bold power grab to control a mining complex in Kosovo. "Last May, Mytilinaios SA [a Greek mining company] signed a five-year contract worth $519 BILLION with the state-owned RMHK Trepca [located in Kosovo] and the Serbian agency of foreign trade, in which Mytilinaios will forward one third of the mineral production in the international market and lso upgrade mining equipment and facilities. Trepca mines are on the list of companies soon to be privatised, thus allowing the Greek company to buy stock."

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The state-owned Trepca mining complex (Stari Trg) is worth about $5 billion as a piece of real estate. Earning potential, however, is a different matter. The mine has not been sold. The referenced $519 billion contract with Greece obligates the state-owned mining facility to deliver one third of the minerals it produces over five years to Mytilinaios SA, the Greek mining company.

This suggests that the remaining two thirds of minerals produced over five years could be sold at a comparable price to other mining companies. The grand total would be $1.56 TRILLION - paid to the owner of the mining complex - for minerals produced over five years. Keep in mind that $1.56 TRILLION would be wholesale cost. We haven't even discussed mark-up yet. Mining companies like Mytilinaios SA will sell minerals produced from the mine - lead, zinc, cadmium, gold, silver - to the international market at a marked-up price. If the mark-up is 200 percent, the net profit would be $1.56 TRILLION. This would be the net gain if NATO played by the rules and allowed countries to honor their agreements with Serbia. But what if NATO were to steal the mine?

If NATO takes over the mine in Kosovo, then the profit is potentially doubled. That would give NATO about 3 TRILLION over five years minus a few billion to cover labor and maintenance of the mining equipment. We're talking big bucks. And it will be divided among mining companies in NATO nations. Is it any wonder that U.S. politicians are foaming at the mouth? If NATO loses this war, certain politicians will think their pockets have been picked. "Russia is a basket case. They cannot do anything... We cannot be disuaded from proceeding to victory... The debate should not be about how or why we got involved..., that is academic now.

We must proceed to victory." -- Senator John McCain - 4/9/99 Behold the New World Order. Dave Sharp

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