Friday, June 29, 2007

Forbidden Thoughts

Freedom of expression
The world clicks a lot of times in the mind of a person when he/she says something. Because the person who speaks knows that wherever she/he lives protects the persons rights of expression. there is a free press in his country, there are people who will stand up to him for his protection- they will fight for him on his behalf. But what about those people who dont have these things in there country, what about those people whose country has been usurped by another country(oops) and what about the people who have been thrown out of there own country, who live like refugees in the lands which once they called it as there house.

I really dont know what will the people who will raed this will think of me. will you think me as a fundamentalist, a anti-semite, or more a terrorist. The words my freinds have very little meanings nowadys of hipocrisy. Freedom nowadys are talked by those people whom the world says are scums on earth. These are the forbidden thoughts.

The hypocrisy practiced by countries like USA, ISREAL, and its poodles like allies is very well known, but the most interesting fact is no one except the Muslims are standing against it. History is a witness that who ever has fought injustice, oppression, false fullness, has always labeled as a terrorist scums on earth. And the people who are in power with the power of there deceitfulness have always tried to crush them.

Never in history has mass awakening happened. And never will. It is always those individuals who have changed the history; it is always some handful of truthful, determined and committed people who have stood up. The best example that I can give is that of the prophet Muhammad-may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and his companions, there were the best of the people who ever walked on this earth. They changed the world. They went through all the hurdles. They stood up for truth, and because of this they had to go against the will of there families, sometimes even there parents. But, there will was never weak enough to give up.

These were the first vanguards. Time and again, people like this have to stand up this vanguard which will stop at nothing until they don’t attain there goals.

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